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In January 2012 we went to the castle of Hjularöd in Skåne, Sweden. This was the set for the Greveholm Castle.
We hired a crane and took thousands of 5K pictures of the old fortress to be processed by a beta software called Photofly
(soon to be aquired by Autodesk – now renamed to 123DCatch) Pictures must be taken with an appropriate parallax difference to each others – the program then calculates the data and creates geometry based on the difference. We used this models as references for the real modelling.



One special concern was to make the shooting with flat lightning conditions (cloudy) to avoid shadows and open for different angle lightning down the process. Later on we rebuilt the castle in Maya and projected the high resoultion pictures on the new geometry within Nuke in combination with traditional UV mapping in Maya. We also removed parts of the roof of the middle tower and covered it with a cloth modelled tarpaulin.


Castle Final Production




Wednesday 120111 Photofly Shootout with crane at Hjularöd (Greveholm Castle)


Photofly screen Capture (Maya)


Nuke Projection Setup


Castle Projection Test 1 (Nuke)


Castle Beauty Render