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During summer/fall 2014 we helped Danfoss develop presentation images, simulations and animations for this years flagship product Colibri.
The main presentations were held in Chicago in October and got a lot of attention, partly beacuse our decision to use the companys new red brand color as background to the work.
Liquid Simulations were done i Maya Bifrost and helped us achieve realistic fluids with this modules specific abilities using vert color information to drive foam and the generel shading of the water.
We also did a virtual exhibition presenting the work with the small valve “Colbri”.


Beauty Shot 1


Beauty Shot 2


Depth Image


Intro sequence


Bifrost Animation


Product Separate Animation


Sightglass Animation


Biflow Layer Animation




Project Images









Product family Shots





Final Movie (03.46)


Colibri Virtual Exhibition (02.02)


Project pdf

ETS Colibri brochure